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We have found that many buyers find a lake house and wind up using the agent who has the house listed. If it’s not a local agent, It might be an agent who lives 50 miles from the lake but has listed the home for a friend or relative. Later, the buyer is not happy because their agent did not inform them about fees, current POA projects, water issues, dam issues, etc.. This is not because the agent wanted to hide it, it’s because they just didn’t know.


Ohio Lake Search has assembled some of the most sought-after recreational Ohio lakes paired with the top Lake Realtors at those lakes who bring with them insight, experience, and knowledge about their lake. The agents on Ohio Lake Search, you are getting an agent who either currently lives at the lake full time, has lived there full time, or lives near by and has been selling lake homes at that lake for over five years. In fact, the pictures and info supplied, is from the agent listed at that lake.

An experienced and local agent typically lives at the lake and is involved in the community. These agents attend board meetings, may be on the board (or know the members), they know the schools, the local government; they know about assessments or proposed assessments; They have boated on the lake more than a couple of times and are not just a part-time resident.  They not only play at their lake, they live, breathe and give back to it. They are truly a “Lake Specialist.” The Specialists make it their business to know the lake and the area inside and out.


Beware of the agents that work out of virtual offices and might live miles and miles from your lake of choice. Chances are, you won’t even know this unless you ask! The Agent or Brokerage might even refer you to a Buyer’s agent in the brokerage who has never even been on the water at that lake. They might have only sold real estate for less than five years; they don’t go to meetings, know the schools, the people and the critical facts about the area and the lake! The part-time lake agents might even refer you to one of our experienced local lake agents on our site, but for a fee! We all know who ends up absorbing that fee anyway: the consumer! Ohio Lake Search links you directly to the lake specialist at that lake at no fee to the agent or to you.


Come on in,  take a look around and discover an Ohio lake that calls your name! Discover why people love the lake lifestyle and why many families are using Ohio Lake Search to point them in the right direction, getting them started on their search for the right lake and the right Lake Agent to help them!


Are we missing your lake? Are you a local and know your lake well? Have you been selling at your local lake for at least 5 years? Contact us HERE.